As New Yorkers, we know space is at a premium. Guidelines have been put together so students, faculty, and staff can all work together in the space we have.




Classrooms are reserved for student-centric activities.
Huddles and Phone Rooms (Bloomberg Center) Huddles and phone rooms in the Masters Studio are available for students and can be scheduled day of via sign-up board posted to the door. Please limit meetings to 1 hour.

Event Guidelines

All events must be registered with Kathy Mendall, Events Manager. Event guidelines and information on registering (including a link to the registration form) can be found here.  Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting an event request.

Classrooms are reserved for academic course work. The Master’s Studio in the Bloomberg Center and the Master’s Collaboratory in the Tata Center are available for students.  If students would like to hold an event they should work with Kathy Mendall, Events Manager. An event request form can be found in the Event Guidelines document. Applicable fees will be applied.

Students must adhere the university alcohol policy 4.8, Alcohol and other Drugs (for Students, Staff, Faculty, and Visitors).