Important Information:

  • The official Fall 2022 Class Roster is now available. You will be able to review this listing of courses offered for Fall 2022 by filtering by Location for “Cornell Tech”. If any additional courses are available, we will announce this to students on an ongoing basis!
    • Please do not enroll in courses with DESIGN, ARCH, or CEE prefixes just yet- these are currently  being updated and we are still confirming if they will be offered to Cornell Tech Students
    • Fall 2022 Pre-Enrollment will allow you a first opportunity to enroll in classes and make schedule changes closer to the start of classes. You will be able to begin enrolling starting on April 20th at 7:30am through April 22nd at 11:59pm.
    • IMPORTANT: During Pre-Enrollment, a limited number of seats will be open in each class. Do not worry – more seats will become open during Regular Enrollment. Additionally, waitlists will not be open during Pre-Enroll. They will also be open in Regular Enrollment.
    • Fall 2022 Regular Enrollment will be scheduled in August (TBD). We will provide more information over the summer regarding this period.
    • Please make sure to read the class notes as this indicates if you are eligible to enroll in the class based on your academic program!
    • Class meeting patterns, times, grading basis, prerequisites, etc. are published on the official Class Roster


  • Studio Maker Days are scheduled on the following dates:
    1. September 22nd – September 23rd
    2. October 27th – October 28th
    3. November 10th – November 11th
    4. December 1st – December 2nd
    5. December 6th –  OPEN STUDIO


  • General Course Enrollment information such as how to add/drop/swap, cross listing enrollment tips, wait list processing, etc are all  indicated on our Course Enrollment Page. Please make sure to review this as well!


  • The Fall Weill Classes for Health Tech Students course offerings will be sent over the summer along with the application for consideration.


  • Further updates will be announced and updated on this page as we approach the Fall semester.