University enrollment is the process by which students enroll in classes. There are two periods for enrollment at Cornell Tech: Pre-Enrollment and Regular Enrollment.

Drop/Add Deadlines

The add/drop period for Fall 2019 begins at 8am Eastern Standard Time on August 20th.

The last day to add a semester-long class is September 12th at 11:59pm.

The last day to drop a class is October 24th at 11:59pm.

***Module classes (classes that meet for only part of the semester in a shorter duration), you must add/ drop the class BEFORE the 2nd class meeting!

***Law courses must be added/dropped prior to September 4th at Noon. For Law courses that meet after Sept 4th, you can drop the course after the class’s first meeting until the next day at noon.

Please review all add/drop information available on our Add Drop Form! Cornell Tech’s key academic dates are also provided here.

Need help adding/ dropping/ changing the grading basis for a class? Please refer to instructions here!

Waitlists, Closed Classes, & Instructor Permission


Once a class has reached maximum enrollment, some classes may open a waitlist. You can place yourself on the waitlist and if space becomes available, we will manually enroll you into the class. You will be emailed if you are enrolled.  Student Services will review waitlists on an ongoing basis beginning August 20th during Regular Enrollment!

Closed Classes:

  • Classes become closed typically once the enrollment limit has been reached. The class reopens for enrollment when space allows (i.e. enrolled students drop from the class). If there is no waitlist or the waitlist is full, please be mindful you still will not be able to enroll until space opens up.
  • If you need to enroll in a Core required course that is full, please email student services and we will help you get into the class


Instructor Permission:

  • For any courses requiring instructor permission, please have the instructor email us directly at to grant you permission to take the class.

Checking Your Registration Status

To check your registration status, log in to Student Essentials and view your “Registration Status” at the top of the page.

  • If you are registered, your Registration Status will state “Registered” with a green checkmark.
  • The absence of a green checkmark means there is a hold preventing your registration.

Please also review the Class Enrollment FAQ’s  as this will provide answers how to use the Registration System (Student Center) along with other helpful tidbits!


There are several different types of holds – some are informational and must be completed for graduation, and some are immediate and prevent current semester registration. Your Holds are listed at the top right of the page when logged in to Student Essentials. Click on “more information” for complete details including steps to resolve a hold.

Additional Course Information Resources

Course offerings for the Fall 2019 semester are posted on the Official Class Roster. You can filter by location to view the courses offered at the Cornell Tech Campus!

To view both current and archived historical course offerings/descriptions, you may review the course catalog on

Class Scheduler

To download your semester’s class schedule to your personal calendar, please log in to the Scheduler page of the Class Roster to import your schedule! Instructions on how to use this feature are provided on the “Using Scheduler” tool.

Please be mindful once you download the calendar, it will not update automatically if any changes are made thereafter (you will need to re-download the calendar after updates are implemented).