Student Services Fall 2021 

The Student Services team is available to meet with students through zoom during designated Office Hours Monday through Friday every week.  Office Hours are not available when the university is closed.  Students should make an appointment through the university Booking System. Students must schedule a meeting 12 hours prior to when they want to meet. Additionally, the system will allow meetings to be made seven days in advance. Once you make an appointment, you will receive a calendar confirmation with a zoom link. Please make sure to click on the correct zoom link for the desiganted staff member. Students with immigration questions should make an appointment with Jackie or Monica.

Mondays 9am-10am: Jackie

Tuesdays 9am-10am: Monica

Wednesdays 9am-10am:Lauren

Thursdays 9am-10am: Monica

Fridays 12pm-1pm: Jackie

Fridays 1pm-2pm: Lauren

*Student Services reserves the right to cancel office hours or to substitute staff members if necessary.